Opto - Mechanical Engineer

Job Description Job Number: R0034261 Opto-Mechanical Engineer Key Role: Design, analyze, and test opto-mechanical structures and components in laser weapon systems, including fast steering mirrors, optics mountings, telescopes, sensor mounts, exit windows, optical benches, and gimbals, design, develop, test, and document internal and external interfaces, and evaluate options to achieve requirements, such as operating in stressing environments, survivability, maintainability, reliability, and operability. Conduct jitter, finite element, thermal, stress or strain, and packaging analysis and design issue resolution. Assist with component or material selection and predictions of laser and environmental effects on materials and structures based on thermal loading, including developing requirements and designing opto-mechanical layouts for all optical components from concept to hardware. Develop and apply advanced mechanical engineering design methods, theories, and research techniques to the investigation and solution of complex and advanced problems. Plan, conduct, and technically direct projects or major phases of significant projects, including coordinating the efforts of engineers and technical support staff. Analyze, evaluate, and plan methods and organize the means to achieve solutions to complex technical problems. Conduct investigations or tests of considerable complexity pertaining to the development of new designs, methods, materials, or processes, investigate possible applications of results, and review literature, patents, and current practices relevant to the solution of assigned projects. Basic Qualifications: -8+ years of experience with opto-mechanical requirements development, design, analysis, documentation, fabrication, assembly, integration, test, and evaluation -Experience with laser systems, optical systems, or beam directors or telescopes -Knowledge of mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, design, fabrication techniques and limitations, mechanical drawings, and modeling tools, including SolidWorks -Ability to develop requirements and translate them into design solutions, build mechanical and thermal models and run simulations to comprehend system responses to external environments, including how thermal loading can affect beam alignment or how a beam director structure can withstand forces due to wind or platform motion -Ability to build mechanical drawings, analyze and make optimum material and component selections, and work with other engineers and scientists in a team environment to design, build, integrate, test, and evaluate laser weapon systems -Secret clearance -BA or BS degree
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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